Monday, November 03, 2008


Once again I get the Mommy Dunce Cap. I didn't get a single picture of my kids on Halloween. DOH! In my defense, the little boogers move a lot faster these days.

Friday afternoon I picked up my two monkeys and one of their friends and headed home to prepare for TOTing. We were having friends over to join us so I ran around the house picking up while they played Wii and otherwise terrorized each other. I shouted repeatedly for my two to find their costume pieces while Matt ran out to get the much needed (??) beer for he and the guys to drink while they sat with the fire pit in the driveway. All of a sudden, it was still daylight, and kids started showing up to TOT. My kids got all excited and ran for their costumes. Door bell rang. Friends showed up with dinner. Door bell rang. More friends came in. Door bell rang. My kids wanted to GO NOW. And the camera was just left. Not a picture was taken. Skyler's little friend came with us and her mother who is scheduled to give birth to twins this coming Wednesday TRIED to keep up but her waddle was no match for a pack of 5 and 7 year olds. She was left in the dust of candy hunting (some would say feral) costumed wee ones. We made it up and back one street but as I do not have "the whistle" I had to call in the big guns, aka MATT, to finish off the night. The moms retired in front of the fire pit to hand out candy and make smores. When the pack came back they gorged on straight sugar and topped it off with melted sugar in the form of toasted marshmallows. Eventually Matt decided to tell ghost stories which later resulted in Skyler sleeping all night much like a baby koala bear would, with both arms wrapped around my neck. I just never got to take a picture. It was an action packed night. Skyler eventually begged me to take her to bed and Matt and Zack watched the fire die down, sitting together talking about the stars.

It was actually a pretty fun night.

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