Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm back...

I know I know, I'm a total blog posting slacker this week. I just am finally coming out of the fog that is my virus populated body. Two weeks and I'm starting to feel a bit better. Sunday night, after spending the weekend basically sleeping, I gave Matt the pathetic face and asked him to take me to the doctors. Thankfully we have a Patient First around here that has hours on Sundays until 10pm. In the end they couldn't figure out what was wrong with me besides a "nasty virus". They tested me for strep and flu and checked my white blood count but... nothing weird showed up. The doc offered me a Z-pack which when I'm thinking rationally makes not sense for a virus but I was pathetically willing to try anything and I AM prone to getting a sinus infection right after a cold anyway. SO - I took the Z-pack and the decongestant and the inhaler and went on my miserable way. Perhaps it's working, perhaps it takes my immune system two weeks to wake the fuck up. Anyway, I'm on the mend.

The kids got their report cards on Friday. Zack pulled through with his writing and got rewarded with a new video game. We were pleased that he responded to the carrot we dangled in front of his eyes.

Skyler is LOVING Kindergarten. Her behavior in class has been stupendous and she's always chattering about what she's learning. It's amazing when these little people who have learned most everything from you leave the house in the morning and come home knowing more. Their minds are like sponges and it's so amazing and prideful to watch and participate in. Skyler also loves the time we spend together doing her homework. She's reading now and seems so proud of doing the same reading exercises that she's watched her brother do for the past two years. I like that each grade in their school builds on the same practices.

I'm off to play Soccer Mom one last time before we're done for the year. I should be back in my sick bed by tomorrow after organizing a party for thirty soccer kicking wee ones. Wish me luck!


  1. I wondered where you were! Sorry you were feeling so poorly but am glad you're on the mend.

  2. Remember when Sky just wanted to fail kindergarten on the first day?? Kids! Glad she's loving it now!

  3. Welcome back! Glad you're feeling better!

    (PS Great idea about podcasts! I did get bored in my 20 minute "workout" haha! Thanks!)


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