Saturday, November 15, 2008

Parent Hell...

I spent this morning in the special parent hell that is Chuck E. Cheese. I always do an internal groan when one of the kids gets an invitation to there. The thing is, they freakin love the place and are happy as pigs in poop the whole time they're there. SO, I endure it. Well really, I usually send Matt but he deserved a break so I took this one. The reason I wanted to go was so I could meet Skyler's friend's Mom. The invitation she wrote was so perfect! Matt even asked if I wrote it. He said it sounded just like me. I did enjoy meeting her and just so you can see what I mean here is what she wrote:

M's Mom, K, extends you a special invitation to relax for two whole hours while I entertain your kids for free. Yes, I'll endure the torture chamber that is Chuck E. Cheese this Saturday, Nov 15th so you can have some "you" time. Go shopping, read a book, or just enjoy the absolute silence. (It does actually exist!)

Don't worry, I'll have help keeping an eye on all the munchkins and plenty of tokens, pizza, prizes, and sugar to keep them at bay.

I do hope your little ones can make it. (P.S. Parents are welcome to stay and share in the bad pizza, creepy mouse and screeching children but I say, "Leave me behind - save yourselves!")

I stayed and enjoyed the Mommy chat. But seriously, what's with the creepy mouse and horrible pizza? Does anyone actually like either of them?


  1. Invitation = AWESOME
    It DOES sound like you wrote it. I'll have to keep that in my mind (ha!) for when the time comes in 5 years.

  2. I love that mom!

    You know a place is insane if they have to mark you with a code when you enter to make sure you leave with the right kid!! (I assume that's a universal Chuck E. Cheese security plan, not just some crazy L.A. thing...right?) And why haven't they updated the "stage show" since 1982?

  3. Love the invitation!

    To answer Stacie, they don't have to update anything since they just keep getting fresh blood every few years. ;)

    Amanda, I'm wondering if this is the same Chuck E. Cheese I went to as a kid.

  4. OMG this was too funny. I died when reading the invite and the pictures are too funny. love you miss you cant wait for xmas.


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