Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm still here under the pre-Holiday prep mess...

I know I haven't been around much this month. I've been crazy busy with all the Holiday activities that having two school age children brings. They've also each had birthday parties to go to every weekend for at least the past four. I feel bad for kids who have December birthdays so I've made sure not to decline any but hot damn does that take the wind out of the sail that is my day.

Anyway, I'm trying to get it all wrapped up by Friday when I officially start vacation. Hopefully then I can spend more time just taking pictures and think for two seconds. I'm sure that will inspire some blog posts.

For all of you other blog writers out there, I AM still reading and I'm enjoying watching you get ready for the Holidays too.

I'll pop my head up from the ribbons and bows and bags and paper soon. Wish me luck with the hot glue gun!



  1. Don't glue your buns together!

  2. Keep on, keeping on! Phil and I had a very boisterous discussion the other night on how we would like to cancel the month of December (we go through this little scenario at least one or twice during the month of Dec). Since my birthday on the 7th, his on the 15th, Christmas and then my Mom's birthday on the 28th, property taxes are due today (as a matter of fact), and then there's the car registrations due too. Not to mention we had the ice storm thrown in for extra added fun this's not really feeling like the merriest of holidays. However, I'm bound and determined that the Grinch will not infiltrate our holiday. HO! HO! HO! See ya soon.

  3. WOW your way ahead of me. I didnt even buy ribbons and bows this year. No tree yet......blah

  4. LOL I haven't been checking in on my bloggy friends as much as I usually do because of everything going on so I can relate!

    My daughter is one with a December birthday :-) Hers is 2 days before Christmas!! We also have a niece, a nephew, an aunt and an uncle all with December birthdays!! I have NO money in December! LOL


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