Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some whining, and it's not from the kids...

I'm not someone who enjoys wearing glasses. It's not that I mind how they look. It's that the weight of them gives me a headache. You know the headache you get from wearing a headband or a hat? No? That's just me? Ah. Could explain some things. Anyway, I mentioned in my last post that I tore my last contact lens on Saturday. I didn't even realize it was my last pair. I've since ordered EIGHT boxes of contacts (overkill much?) but *insert whiny voice here* THEY WON'T BE HERE UNTIL FRIDAY! *pout* I can't stand wearing my glasses for three more days. My head is killing me. I'm currently sitting here with no glasses on and the monitor to my computer pulled up practically to my chest. (and before anyone mentions it, yes my glasses are the correct prescription, I just can't stand wearing them). So there's that.

The kids are excited for Christmas. Skyler is currently on the naughty list. She got in trouble at daycare on Monday for kicking another kid when he gave her a compliment. When I expressed my outrage she said "well I wanted him to change his mind". I'm guessing maybe this child likes her and she would like him to stop liking her so she thought kicking him was a good way to go about that. He probably likes her more now. She was grounded from watching any television for three days. I caught her in the living room while her brother was watching tv. In true Skyler fashion, she was sitting backwards on the couch, staring at the wall, thereby not actually WATCHING the television. How do you keep a straight face for that one? Zack has the fear of Santa in him and has been good as gold (this week).

We're right in the middle of school Christmas projects, gift giving list checking, and other various loose ends that have me all wound up. I'm looking forward to having the week of Christmas off!!!

What are you up to?


  1. I get the same thing when I wear my reading glasses, so I don't wear them.

    That is awesome that Sky turns backwards. Noah was telling Bryce about Sky again today. And it ended in another arms up in the air jumping up and down yelling for Sky. He can't wait to see her

  2. LOL Your daughter sounds like my son. He would use the same logic.

    Thanks for following my life. :-) Your family is precious from what I have read!

  3. Nine and one-half working days until next year!

  4. I get that same glasses-pain! I love my new glasses, but they are heavier than the previous ones I had. They hurt the tops of my ears and the bridge of my nose.

    Also, headband pain? Yes. Hat? Yes. Ponytail for too long? Yes.


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