Monday, December 08, 2008

Sometimes you should just hide under the covers...

Ways in which this weekend and the Office Christmas Party sucked:

* I tore my last contact lens which required me to wear my glasses to the party.

* I spent a stupid amount of time searching for a magic outfit that wouldn't make it look like I've gained 15 lbs - but I couldn't find one.

* ALL the skin on my face conveniently decided to flake off on Saturday morning (WTF?).

* I had a giant "blemish" in the center of my forehead.

* The more make-up I put on my face, the more my skin flaked off.

* I looked like a three-eyed skin flaking whale Saturday night.

Some days you should just go back to bed...

Ways in which this weekend rocked:

* Skyler read to me.

* I had fun with Mike & Amy and Matt at the party (there might be pictures later).

* I got to sleep in Sunday morning.

Some things make up for the fact that you should have stayed in bed.


  1. I, for one, didn't notice ANY of the things mentioned about Saturday. You looked alright to me...And thanks for assisting with the family drunk(s).

  2. Oh man... As if work holiday parties aren't bad enough on their own. I'm glad you still had some fun!!! My work cancelled the party this year. I'm so happy!

  3. Im sure you looked beautiful as always!!!

  4. First of all, glasses are way sexier than no glasses *says she who wears glasses*. And you'd have to gain 1000 pounds before you weren't beautiful. Just imagine that everyone sees you as Skyler and Zack see you, because they do!


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