Monday, December 08, 2008

We have ANOTHER Reader!

It wasn't that long ago (April 6, 2007) that I wrote a post about Zack reading his first entire book to us. He's continued to excel at reading and now his sister is right behind him.

On Friday she mentioned that she read the book Hop on Pop! at school. At first, I thought we had the book, so we spent an hour or so searching for it on all our bookshelves. I was thinking that it was also the first book that Zack had read to us, but seeing the post I wrote above, his first was Go Dog Go! Eventually I promised that we'd get it at the library. By then it was too late to go and I didn't have time on Saturday despite Skyler asking me every 35 seconds. We FINALLY made it to the library Sunday afternoon and hunted down their one copy of Hop on Pop! which she read to me in line checking out, sitting waiting for Daddy to pick us up, in the car, while I cooked dinner, and to Daddy while watching football twice. We are SO proud of her and she checks that information by asking us every 35 seconds "Mommy, are you SO proud of me that I can read?" I AM so proud of her. I'm actually fairly shocked too. She got every word. I need to ask her teacher if they've been reading this book everyday or if she's really reading as well as she seems to be. Either way, she's well on her way to a love of books which makes me giddy!

Go Skyler Go!


  1. Go Dog Go and Hop on Pop were Alison's first books too!! I think Go Dog Go was her favorite!

    Congrates Sky!


  2. What a great achievement! Way to go Skyler!

  3. That's so awesome! I can just imagine how proud you are and so cute that she's so proud of herself! Another book lover has entered the world, YES!

  4. I firmly believe that books are the cornerstone of a great mind. Go Skyler!


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