Sunday, January 04, 2009

Bed Bugs...

HA! I got them. Both of them.

My Aunt Shelly and Uncle Rene got Zack this great book called Bug Blast about bugs for Christmas.

It was especially cool because Uncle Rene is an Entomologist (I think that's right). Anyway, the book comes with a bunch of plastic bugs that are pretty lifelike. The kids were playing with them this evening and I could hear them whispering and then they went upstairs and came down and told me that they had made my bed for me. I knew exactly what those little turkies had done so I pretended to go up and get the scream scared out of me. They thought they were OH SO funny. As soon as they went downstairs I put a bunch in each of their beds.

At bedtime tonight, I was in Sky's room when she got in bed and I'm lucky she didn't pee. I wish I had set a camera up to catch her reaction. It was PRICELESS. Zack came up a few minutes later and I had the joy of catching him too. They were shocked and giggling that I got them back and I thought it was hysterical that they both fell for it not an hour after they did it to me!



  1. Love it. This is not something I could ever try with my husband because he is TERRIFIED of spiders.

  2. I love kids! Especially when moms can beat them at their own game! That's too funny!

  3. Isn't this why we became parents? I live for this stuff!

  4. The best present a parent can receive is the reaction from scaring the crap out of their kids!


  5. Rock on! You guys have such fun!!


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