Saturday, January 24, 2009

Before and after...



Sky's been begging to get her hair cut and with the winter making it so dry and difficult to brush I finally gave in. She's only ever had three "trims" in her little life. I wasn't really excited about getting it all cut off but she was pretty persistent. She looks adorable and most important, she LOVES it!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and hope that your child doesn't come down with this, it's a bitch to get rid of:


  1. Doesn't she just look ADORABLE!!!! Seriously cute cut. Love it. And good for her, avoiding the very-tempting-but-all-too-soon-very-much-REGRETTED-perm-and/or-Dorthy-Hamill-'do. I did both and am still so horrified of my little self from those days.

    I also had a she-mullet at an unfortunate moment in my grade school days. Um. Yes.

  2. Super sassy... so appropriate for her, no? It's darling.

  3. It is perfect! What a doll.

  4. Oh, that haircut is really, really cute! And still long. :)

    P.S. I've assigned some homework to my blog readers. I hope you can stop by and contribute. :)

  5. I love her cut... How has it been to manage? miss you guys and hope all is well. Jess


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