Friday, January 16, 2009

Birthday Girl...

As soon as Christmas is over and she notices that it is January, Skyler starts talking more seriously about her birthday. She has been planning it since the day after her birthday last year. She makes lists of potential attendees, changes her mind a thousand times on the venue, and dreams up "games" for her guests to play. She was in full birthday planning mode Tuesday evening and wanted me to take notes.

We decided on where she wanted to have her party (this week), which room it would be in, what she would need IN that room, what she would serve, who she would invite, what music would be played, the colors the decorations would be and then when we started to run out of things to write down, she decided that there should be a list of things that should NOT be done at her party. I will share this list with you in case you are attending any six year olds' birthday parties, you will know just how NOT to behave.

There will be:
NO flying kicks to the stomach
NO splits
NO lawn mower dancing
NO ripping your dress
NO kicking or pushing out of the drink line
NO grabbing
NO digging into stuff that isn't yours
NO food fights

You have been warned!


  1. I found one of Sky's list's that she left here. I love it!!!!

  2. Hilarious! I would do none of those things so maybe I can be on this week's list of attendees?

  3. My niece's 6th birthday party is in a couple weeks...I'm paying close attention to this list. I don't want to be the Crazy Auntie who rips her dress during a flying kick to someone's stomach!


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