Sunday, January 18, 2009

Don't you love Christmas treats in January?

For Christmas, Matt's mom got me a gift certificate to order a ring I really wanted. It finally came and I was SO excited.

When I opened the box it smelled strongly of lavender. There was this pretty treasure inside:

The source of the lavendery goodness:

I LOVE it, one band says "Zachary" and the other "Skyler".

Can you say "water retaining fingers?" YOWZA!

I found this little bit of gorgeous at Nelle & Lizzy. They have a beautiful website and obviously nice packaging.

Thank you so much Mom - I love them!


  1. I am going to order these - 3 of them - once I know whether this is Lauren or Bennett. Remind me if I forget! I love it, super special.

  2. LOVE THEM. So very pretty!!!

  3. Awesome! I totally want rings like that! What a brilliant christmas gift.

  4. Okay. I have to have those. And some daiquiri ice ice cream, too. :P


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