Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year...

We spent New Year's Day being lazy! We watched the Rose Parade on the Travel channel because no one else had it live. The host was Bob Eubanks. That was fairly painful. Matt got annoyed with me when I got annoyed with the Parade. At one point they commented that there were 40,000 roses on a particular float. That was just ONE of many different flowers. Then they said that each rose comes in it's own vial. That's 40,000 vials for ONE flower for ONE float. I said "what a waste". Matt asked why I couldn't just enjoy it. I kept thinking of all the plastic vials sitting in landfills.

Later we got our tushes moving and head over to Mike & Amy's. We hung out, made dinner, played Guitar Hero, and made goofy faces at Nate. Here are some pics:

That about sums it up. Zack won't smile for the camera. Skyler hams it up every time I aim at her. Nate doesn't know enough to hide when I stick a lens in his face yet.


  1. I'd be thinking about the vials too. Skyler is too cute.

  2. Those pictures kick ass. The one of Nate in the red hat is prize-worthy. Think Amy would be interested in trading him for an opinionated 3 year old? She's polite, if that counts for anything.


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