Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 20th SNOW...

I was dreading working today knowing that I'd want to be parked in front of the television watching all the doings in D.C. but not wanting to actually take a day off, when I got a special little Obama treat this morning. Our entire area has closed all schools for a snow day. As of this writing, 10am EST, not a flake has fallen from the sky.

I'm thinking someone in the school administration wanted to stay home today and has an in with the weather forcasters. Whatever the reason, the kids and I are parked in front of the television, ready to watch history unfold!


  1. Good for them. The higher ups in your school district know where the real learning and history lesson will come from today and it obviously isn't going to come from school. Your kids are where they should be - with you, watching this historic event. I hope all the other kids are as lucky as yours!

  2. I think Obama arranged that for you...he's already takin' care of business, declaring Snow Days when people really just need to be home! :)


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