Thursday, January 29, 2009

Matt's got the sickies...

Hi! Remember me? I know, I know. I haven't written at all lately. Things have been a bit hectic in our house.

Matt's been sick. At first it was a sinus infection for which I took care of him but did a lot of internal eye rolling and thinking "NOW you know how I feel four times a year". Then Tuesday night, after being on antibiotics for 6 days, he spiked a fever and got the chills, couldn't get warm enough, and felt like his head would explode while he was having a coughing fit. I brought him back to the doctor and YIKES, he's got the beginnings of pneumonia. Poor Guy! I know how that feels too and it sucks big time. He can't get comfortable, isn't sleeping well, and is just generally miserable. I'm trying to take good care of him, but have the immune system of a newborn baby so I'm trying to keep my distance too. I'm bathing in hand sanitizer and diving for cover every time he coughs or sneezes.

SO I'm just trying to keep my head above water while trying to do all the homework and crafts and activities that keep the kids happy while keeping them from bugging Daddy too much.

Last night, while Skyler and I were in the shower we lost power. At first I thought that Zack was being a wise-ass but nope, there were no lights. I had to feel around for towels, get the screeching Skyler calmed down and get us both into jammies then go looking for flashlights. Thankfully I put the big one on my dresser last week when we had that "snow" storm (and put it's backup battery on the charger). I found some candles for the living room where the four of us hung out and told stories. That lasted for a few minutes and then we were all staring at each other. We aren't exactly an electricity-free family. It was just about eight o'clock so I took my little cling-on to bed with me and got her to sleep. Zack came up shortly after complaining that his Nintendo DS was out of battery power. Well kid, you're going to have to rough it. We chatted about school for a little while and then we were both out. I can't complain about a good night's sleep. I wouldn't mind losing electricity once a week or so!

That's where we are and what we're doing. It isn't pretty. I wouldn't visit anytime soon! I'm thinking come Sunday or Monday I'll be hit with it which means the whole house will go to hell in a hand basket!


  1. I hope things get a bit easier for you soon!
    I have a little something for you on my blog!

  2. I wondered what happened to you! Good luck. I still have a cough (and associated phlegm)after 2 weeks! This is a bad season!!!


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