Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sunday Sunday...

As soon as I cracked an eyeball Skyler begged me to take her to Walmart to return something she got two of. She had big plans BIG. She wanted a little trash barrel for her room, some of that sticky puddy to hang things to her walls, some beads, and a treat (meaning candy). So we took off with her repeating her list thirty thousand times. She helped me grocery shop after we chose her items. I haven't shopped at Walmart in months, having sworn off the evil corporate giant ages ago plus they're usually a complete nightmare anyway. I was pleasantly surprised that the lanes were all open and appeared to be under the watchful eye of Assistant Manager Butch who gave Skyler a smile and a wave. Hmmm, maybe things are turning around at this location. They're still an evil corporate giant.

I got home and proceeded to bake a chicken in the middle of the afternoon with the plan to put the kids to bed early. I'm still working on that. Skyler chattered my ear off:

Sky: Hey Mom, is this your right arm *said while pointing to my right arm*
Me: Yup.
Sky: HEY COOOOOL. That's MY right arm too.

I stifled a giggle. This kid is the master of the obvious. Which reminds me of another story I didn't tell you. A couple of weeks before Christmas Skyler and I watched Nate for Mike & Amy. Nate wasn't thrilled with THAT idea as he's starting in on a bit of separation anxiety and so Skyler and I decided to go for a drive. Not having anywhere in particular to go, I drove over to this house that every year corresponds it's flashing lights to music that is pumped in via a radio station. So we're sitting in the car watching and listening. We've gone here maybe three years in a row now. So, after a good ten minutes or so Skyler says to me "Hey Mommy, it's like the lights are going to the music." She just cracks me up this one.

ANYWAY, we had a nice dinner and I even baked a cake.

Then we took the kids to ride their skates at one of the local schools:

Safety first!

First there was fun...

Then there was a race...

Then there was pouting...

and tears...

Sometimes you just can't win.

oh P.S. - Skyler helped to put Nate to sleep upstairs last night. Aren't they cute?

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  1. She was a very big help! Even after Mean Mister Mike bit her head off after he rolled off the couch(she graciously accepted my apology)and continued to play with him until he went to sleep. Great child you have.


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