Thursday, February 26, 2009


Zack's doctor called with his allergy test results Monday night and we made the mistake of talking to him on speaker phone (I'll tell you why that was a mistake in a sec).

The results showed a considerable reaction to dust mites and a minor reaction to cats. He had no reaction to any other allergens, no trees, mold, grasses, etc and so forth. I was really relieved to hear that because those are hard to control. Doc said that if we get the dust mite sitch under control the cats may or may not bother him any longer. We went over all the allergy control info (that I already knew because I have allergies but don't follow because I'm a lazy ass) and came up with a plan. (Remember we're on speaker phone the entire time).

We decided to get an allergy friendly mattress containment cover type thing, allergy friendly pillows, wash all bedding on hot weekly, vacuum frequently, and reduce any contact with the cats.

There are a couple of challenges that we need to address. First, do we find the cats a new home (HELLO Grammy) or do we keep them from Zack's room and give them baths weekly? We should really replace all our nasty ass carpeting with wood floors but that costs $$ and the coffers are empty. It will go on the list of things we need to take care of soon. Add to the list our couches which are still comfortable but are nine years old and are probably mostly made up of dust mites and skin cells at this point. I wash the covers fairly often, but... I'm guessing that isn't doing it. These are things we'll be working on. (Does anyone know...if the doctor tells you to replace your carpeting, is that tax deductible?)

So, we have that conversation with the doctor, discuss it ourselves, and didn't think much of the big ears in the house. The rest of the evening Zack asked questions like "Can I touch the cats?" and "Where am I going to sleep?" or "Can I sit on the carpet?". We got a chuckle out of it each time and then sat him down and tried to explain that touching the carpet was not going to send him to the hospital but that we were going to make some changes and be more vigilant about keeping his room crispy clean. He's now convinced that keeping his room clean is best for his health *evil Mom grin* and is ready to help us out.

I went to Bed Bath & Beyond and Target yesterday envisioning a vinyl piece of horrendousness that was going to cost a fortune. I was pleasantly surprised to find exactly what I wanted at Target for $39.99 AND it fits Zack's really deep mattress. They also had some fantastic allergy friendly pillows that can be thrown right in the washing machine. The mattress cover wasn't vinyly at all and will actually be pretty great. Once I performed the gymnastics required to get it onto Zack's lower bunk bed I ran out and got one for Skyler's and I'll eventually get one for ours too. It can't hurt to cover all bases.

That's where we are on the snot issue. Oh and can I just say "BLECH" and "EW"!


  1. for whatever my opinion is worth...when I was a kiddo I had pretty much the same alergies (which I outgrew) So long as the cat didnt come in my room...and we kept him off of the couch (where I laid to watch TV) I never had any real problems.


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