Tuesday, February 10, 2009


February is the month of birthdays for us. Every little girl I know was born in February (slight exaggeration). With the addition of Valentine's Day and it's associated parties, the 100th Day of School, Zack's school concert, a field trip, and of course Skyler's Birthday Extravaganza, I'm about to lose my damn mind.

Really I would like to give each of these girls the birthday wishes that they deserve and fear that I won't live up to that so I'm going to give it a try right now. In order of the calendar,

Mia, Happy Fourth Birthday. Four is such a fun, creative age. Enjoy every minute!

Alison, Happy Sixth Birthday. Six is SO big. No more little girl.

Drew, Happy Fourth Birthday. I wish I had the chance to enjoy your pink cupcakes with you!

Skyler & Lashelle, the birthday twinsies, Happy DAY! I'm so thrilled that my little girl gets to share her birthday with someone so wonderful and important to her!

Montana, Happy Eighteenth Birthday. You're 18? Holy cow! I miss you.

Carolyn, Happy Twenty-ninth Birthday ;-) I hope we get to celebrate with you!

Brooke, Happy Ninth Birthday! I can't believe you're almost into double digits. Every time I see you you've grown more and more mature!

and Uncle Ted - Happy Birthday to you too! I didn't want to lump you in with all those girls! I hope you enjoyed your day.


  1. May is a busy month for people apparently with all these February birthdays! Thanks for the birthday wishes for Drew and rest assured, I enjoyed enough pink cupcakes for ALL.

  2. I can own my age! LOL. Happy Birthday to me and all my February friends!!!


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