Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Chicken Game...

Spring is slowly springing around here. The flowers are all confused and are starting to peep up. We're starting to see Springy Eastery stuff in the stores and I found a fun little game to play with the kids. It stars this little guy who still doesn't have a name:

Bloggers Doc Maureen and Swistle debuted the INTERNET PHENOMENON of The Chicken Game yesterday on each of their blogs. It's crossing the nation people. You'll hear about it on facebook LOL.

The idea is, you take this little chicky, and you hide it somewhere and the person that finds it, gets to hide it and so on and so forth. Kids get a kick out of it. For instance, I told the kids about it yesterday and then hid chicky in the box of cereal. I heard Zack yelling this morning. He was QUITE excited to be the first one to find him. He's now plotting where to hide Mr. Chicky (is that his name?) next.

These little guys are sold in a box of six for a couple of bucks at Michael's. Go forth and play The Chicken Game!


  1. Wait, WHAT!?! Flowers popping up? Your kidding right? You mean your grass isn't frozen solid? You can see your grass? Whats going on over there and why don't I live there?

  2. I'm going to take a picture of the grass and send it to you so you can remember what it looks like. So far I've got daffodils popping up and my roses are looking like they are up to something (you know how they get red while they're growing). I've also seen several trees looking almost bloomy.


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