Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fieldtrips, the kitchen, and Birthdays...

I got through last week with nary a scratch on me. The field trip on Friday, although not a second grader's cup of tea, was fun. The kids were bored out of their trees looking at artwork but they were well behaved. One of the girls in my group threatened to talk my ear off before the bus pulled out of the school parking lot, but we got through it. Saturday and Sunday were a challenge to our little family's ability to work together. I forced them to power clean the kitchen. This was a throw down, pull out the stove, empty out the cabinets, scrub the floor on our hands and knees, war. None of it was pretty, none of it was pain free, especially the whining, but we did it and the kitchen looks and smells much better. The best part is that we're no longer in danger of being reported for any health code violations! The kids have a bit of post traumatic stress syndrome but we're putting them into therapy now so they should be okay before the teen years kick in.

Skyler's little friend Alena had a gymnastics birthday party Saturday evening. We all had fun at that. There are pictures but my card reader is currently in pieces so you'll have to wait for those. Matt acted the fool he is and had everyone in giggles.

This week, well this week, I'm having a bit of emotional trouble with the fact that MA BAYBY is turning six. I just have such a hang up with the age six. She's five today. Today she's still my baby, still needs me, still not quite a big girl. Thursday she'll be six. A big kid. A school ager. No longer my sweet little girl, but a sassy little thing that's on her way to being and knowing and doing. To make matters worse she's set to lose a tooth annnnny minute now. Her first tooth AND turning six all in one week. I may not make it!


  1. how fun a gymnastics party!! I wanna go

  2. What a big week at your house! I can't even deal with a second birthday, I don't even want to think about SIX. Happy early birthday to your baby!

  3. That is funny about the tooth and 6. Alison lost her first tooth 3 days b4 her birthday!! The second one will be gone within a week. We are headed down to VA B. the weekend of the 28th. Lets get the kids together.


  4. My niece just turned 6 and I had the same issues! 5 to 6 is a big change! She even looks different to me now, like a real KID...not our little baby girl.

    Good luck with this transition!! :)


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