Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Snot and lots of it...

To make this week even more fun, I had to take Zack to the doctor's yesterday afternoon. Monday, his already larger than normal volume of snot was coming out a lovely shade of yellow leading me to believe he had ANOTHER sinus infection. He's not sick so at this point I'm thinking the poor kid has allergies and I'd like him tested. Could it be the large dust bunny population or the cats making him sniffle and sneeze? His doctor agreed that he has a sinus infection and that allergy testing would be a smart next move (isn't that what I just said? They should call me DOCTOR Molnar). He said he can either send us to an allergist for a full round of scratch tests or start with blood work, testing for the basics. Uh, option number two please! I can't see putting him through the horror that is scratch testing if we can take a couple of vials of blood and see if it is indeed the dust bunnies and kitty cats causing all the snot. If he does need scratch testing, I'm sending him with Dad. I don't think I can take the whining that would be produced by the horrible horrible itching. I can remember MY OWN childhood whining over scratch tests and just the memory makes my ears bleed.

So, does anyone want two cats? They're dumb as a box of rocks, nearly identical, don't shed much, go out all night, and sleep all day. Anyone? Hello?


  1. You didn't ask for my opinion, but...

    I would go for the scratch testing. It's much more accurate, comprehensive, etc. And chances are you're going to end up there eventually, even if you start with the blood tests. I can recommend a good allergist in town... but clear across town.

  2. Since he has no other symptoms I was just hoping doc would say "yup he's allergic to cats, dust, etc" and call it a day.

    I'm sure we WILL eventually go but he doesn't have symptoms enough yet that I won't take the easy route first!

    AND I always value your opinion!

  3. Wow, Dr. Molnar, indeed. I can never remember which color of snot means which.

  4. Well, I went to an allergist just for chronic sinus problems... Did the scratch testing and all. I've done it twice (once as a child, once as an adult) and it was never too bad for me. Apple's headed in for scratch testing when I get off my ass to ask an allergist to do it.

    I don't trust the "easy route" having had it done on Apple a couple of years ago with no results.

  5. My daugther is highly allergic to cats. The blood tests are easier to do BUT they are not always accurate. They can oversaturate the blood to the point they show an allergy when there is not one. I know because this happened to Bug. They said she was deathly allergic to p-nuts. They said just the smell of them would make her go into anaphallactic (sp?) shock. They tell me this as the kids is eating a pnut butter sandwich. They said if she touched it, her arms would break out in hives. Ummm..ya..okay.

    So just make sure you go to a reputable and trusted allergist who knows their stuff. :-)


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