Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A whole lot of crazy...

We had beautiful weather this weekend so we decided to do something outdoors and took the kids to watch the local Polar Plunge. This is the 17th year this fundraiser has been held in our area and the first time we've gone to check it out. I had NO idea that there was a whole bunch of crazy involved. The beach was crowded with people in costume preparing to jump into the Atlantic Ocean, in FEBRUARY. Mind you it was hovering around a balmy 60 degrees so people were pretty happy considering they could have pulled the 30 degree card just as easily.

I also annoyed the kids by taking tons of pictures of them:


  1. awww I love it. I wish we could go to the beach without snow stuff on. Maybe next year we will take a Feb break to VA.

  2. You know when we had our annual Polar Plunge last week it was a balmy 30°. Gosh, 60° is quite a heat wave. LOL All in all it does look like you had fun.

  3. Wow, the kids are looking so grown up!

  4. Your daughter is so darn pretty. I adore those little freckles!

    I always wanted freckles as a kid, and braces. I was one odd child I guess....


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