Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Little Citizen of the Month...

Wednesday morning Skyler informed me that she was Citizen of the Month this month. This was while we were getting dressed and doing the usual manic race around in the morning. I asked her when she found out and she said "well my teacher called me up to her desk and gave me a piece of paper. Are you coming to my school tomorrow?." I had to ask where the paper was and when did she get it. She gave me the typical "DUH. It's in my backpack look." We straightened all that out and figured out that she has been selected as her class's Citizen of the Month for Honesty. We are, of course, SO proud of her! If the amount of tattling she does on her brother were an indicator, she was a shoe in for the Honesty category.

I went to her school this morning where they had a little award ceremony. She was QUITE proud of herself:


  1. So grown up. Her hair looks dark in that first picture from the back especially. The last picture should be part of her modeling portfolio.

  2. WOW that is really neat... Let her know I am proud of her! love the outfit and hair do. she looks so grown up. Love it! Jess

  3. And she has every right to be proud!

  4. AAAAAA, look how cute and proud she is!

  5. What a beautiful, honest little girl.


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