Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Beach Pictures...

The spring weather is finally here and we are just loving it. With the exception of rain showers on Saturday (soccer canceled), we had a fantastic weekend. Matt took the kids to see Monsters vs. Aliens in Imax and they all gave it two thumbs up. I took this opportunity to clean Skyler's room. It took me THREE hours, I kid you not. Some would wonder why I don't make her do it with me. Well, I like to do it by myself every so often so I can get rid of shit. Seriously, I threw out two trash bags of random crap and filled another three with stuff for Good Will. I organized all of her arts and crafts stuff, which she loves more than anything, and made a nice work space for her. I was pleased with myself when all was said and done.

Sunday was a beautiful beautiful day. The kids played outside while I puttered around putting some laundry away, etc. etc. Late in the afternoon we met up with a great Photographer that my SIL recommended to have some family photos done. We had such a blast. The kids were wild as could be and ran around like we had just freed them from some sort of winter jail. Here are the pictures that I took. Fareine will have her pictures for us in a couple of weeks. I was just shooting as the kids ran around. I can't wait to see what Fareine comes up with.

Matt took this next one:

Yes that water was FREEZING. It was 80* out so the kids couldn't resist. They were so hysterical to watch. They even took pictures hugging and no one cried because the other one was splashing water at him/her. This warm air does something to people, I'm telling you. Once they get a day or two of it, they'll be back to being terrible to each other. It's the nature of being siblings.

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  1. Im glad you got to meet up with her and that you liked her.


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