Friday, March 27, 2009

Marathons, and trips, and vomit oh my...

I did it again. I went another week neglecting my blog. I get so busy and then BOOM another Friday is here and I haven't blathered on and on about my week yet.

Last weekend was busy to say the least. Saturday morning Skyler had a soccer game and Zack ran the final mile of the Shamrock Marathon. He had loads of fun and was SO proud of himself. The beach was cold, but I suppose the runners appreciated that once they got going. The spectators, not so much.

Here he is psyching himself up for the run:

Just a bit before the finish line:

With his two buddies. They're all the same age (Hello tall!).

As soon as we were finished I raced Mr. Man home to get ready for his soccer game and picked up Skyler for a little road trip. Zack was NOT impressed that A. I was leaving him for more than 24 hours and 2. that his sister was going with.

Skyler and I drove up to Maryland for a get together at my friend Shelli's house. She was kind enough to host a huge gathering of our online parenting group. We had a blast gabbing and watching the kids play. Skyler learned all about birds as Shelli has a ton of bird houses and can't wait to get her own feeders started.

We got home Sunday night and you would have thought that Skyler had been gone a month she was SO glad to see her "boys". She gave Zack a huge hug which he reluctantly allowed. She even asked for a kiss; he blushed and walked away. It was nice for the girls to get some girl time and the boys to get some boy time. We'll have to do this more often, absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that jazz.

I started physical therapy on Monday for my shoulder problem. HELLO DOLLY - I lurve my therapist. The first session alone was helpful and he got that spot in the middle of my back that always hurts and makes my shoulder muscles tense up. You'll find me there three afternoons a week for the next month.

Sky woke up Tuesday morning saying her belly hurt. I did the same thing most mothers do (don't you?) and said "have some breakfast, you'll feel fine". Note to self, listen to this kid when she says she doesn't feel well. She made it until about 9am before she threw up in her classroom. OOPS. I raced to pick her up and we took a nice four (five?) hour nap. She spiked a fever and didn't feel better the next day so she stayed home with Daddy.

In the midst of the PT and the soccer practices and Skyler being sick, Zack decided to stop doing homework and in the confusion of running around Matt and I both took to believing him when we asked if his homework was done rather than checking, our mistake. I got an email from his teacher yesterday informing me that the little shit hadn't done his homework in two days and that he had informed her that he didn't have time because of soccer. His butt warmed the kitchen chair last night until he did every last bit that he owed her. I'm back on vigilant Mom patrol.

We've got another crazy soccer weekend coming up and rain is on the forecast. We'll either be without anything fun to do or we'll be wet. I can't WAIT to find out which it is.

Just for fun here's another of Skyler's sassafrass outfits:

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  1. Love the boots. Any chance she is about to out grow them???

    Kathryn spent the day today in true summer attire. Paper thin pastel shorts and t-shirt. AND they went out with Dad for Ice Cream! I'm in a fleece turtle neck sweater!


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