Tuesday, March 31, 2009


As Skyler has gotten older, her Skylerisms have gotten fewer and farther between. There are some examples here, here, and here. Now, she's just got more of the gift of comedic timing that her father has. She comes out with the funniest things at just the right moment and constantly has us wondering how she thinks of them. I've got two in mind.

On Sunday afternoon, we were running around trying to get out of the house to meet with the photographer. Matt and I were bickering, which we rarely do, and the kids were in the other room. I walked into the room that they were in, Skyler looks at me, shakes her head, and says "Are you feelin' the love?".

Last night we were watching The Big Bang Theory together.

There's a scene later in this episode where Penny and the new neighbor get in a girl fight. After the girls are pulled apart, Skyler says "HA. You got SERVED." Matt and I just made eyes at each other and suppressed hysterics. Where the heck does a six year old learn THAT?

She's a crack up this one. I can only imagine what she says to her Kindergarten teacher!

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  1. HAHA! She's awesome! I always love when my nieces bust out with random stuff like that. A couple weeks ago my sister said something to the 6 year-old and she responded with "Oh no you diiii-iiint!!!?" HA! It's so fun when kids actually develop their sense of humor.


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