Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Adventures in disciplining...

Skyler got herself in a smidge of trouble on Sunday evening. The rule at our house is if you're playing outside (with prior permission) and hear Daddy's whistle you hie tail it to the house. Skyler asked to play with the neighbor kid and then went inside with her. When Daddy whistled for dinner, no little ducks came waddling back. Daddy marched over and retrieved our little duckling who commenced histrionics at being told that she was grounded for a major rule violation. She was PISSED. After letting things fester, I went up to her room to remind her why we have rules and that we love her and become worried if we don't know exactly where she is at every minute. She gave me a look that said something along the lines of "bite me" and said she wanted to be left alone. We sort of skirted around her for the rest of the evening.

Matt, Zack, and I are used to this particular argument as Zack has been grounded for it himself before. He gets upset, we explain the need for the rule, we all hug and make up and he serves his sentence. The three of us were a bit confused at the way that Skyler was handling this. She was bullshit as though WE had completed the infraction. Monday she didn't speak to Matt until well into the evening. She gave him a lot of dirty looks and one-word only-if-I-have-to responses.

I thought I had things figured out in the kid department. Heck they lived through the killer baby and toddler stages. I don't think I'm going to make it through this particular child going through adolescence. Zack will be the kid that loves all the girls but never leaves home. Skyler will be the one I have to call the police and report as a run-away. FSM help me!


  1. LOL wait until she's a teenager...
    and don't forget the sunblock for mom (I do my w/ my am makeup, then I don't forget). Sunburn stinks.

    Love the whistle idea, but kids are grown and, my luck, would return for dinner & never leave again!

    Have fun mudpuppy, the years go SO fast!

  2. Has she been in similar trouble before? Did she act the same?

    Mind you, I don't have children but I remember acting just like this when I got in trouble and it was less about the punishment than being ashamed for being in trouble.

    Hope that helps, sweetie.

  3. My sister has a book called "How To Hug A Porcupine" - you might need it, too!! I think it's more for the "tween" years, but it sounds like your fun is already starting!!


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