Thursday, April 23, 2009

Forcing it...

I just had a conversation with myself in which I insisted that I click on the "new post" button and just wing it. Find SOMETHING to talk about. I was staring at my desk waiting for inspiration when my eyes locked on my iPod Touch.

I'm not really a music person. I don't really care much what I listen to. I certainly don't have good taste and have little tolerance for anything outside of mainstream. Truth be told, I've listened to more kid chosen music in the past eight years than anything else so I'm not really one who ever cared about having an iPod or MP3 player. I had a little creative zen that I loaded up once and used primarily to block out the sounds of my coworkers chattering when I needed peace in the mind.

Last year, sometime in the summer I guess, I won an iPod Touch in some sort of online contest. I thought it was cool, loaded up the before mentioned sampling of bland music, added some pictures and thought I was good to go. It was also pretty cool that it has wifi so if I could find an open connection I could get email.

Around the time the elections were heating up, someone mentioned downloading podcasts. I poked around on iTunes and found all sorts that fueled my sudden desire to know everything going on about the election. I moved on from there and have been happily listening to the news and other shows ever since.

THEN, more recently, I discovered APPLICATIONS. HELLO! I now can't make a move without my Touch. I use the calendar, read USA Today and the New York Times, check the weather, update my status on Facebook, balance my checkbook, access my Kindle books, check Google Earth, get directions, Twitter, track my distance when I'm walking, track my caloric intake, and look up words in the dictionary. I assure you I've only scratched the surface. If Zack and Matt get wind of all the games (over 6000) there are available, I'll never see the thing again. The best part is that a good portion of these applications are completely free and I love free! I'm guessing that if I ever decided to spend a buck I'd find application heaven!

So there, that's my little commercial for the iPod Touch. It's super fantastically cool and will organize your shit. Who wants to bet that now that I've sung it's praises, I'll lose it within a week?


  1. I was wondering what you replaced me the silence makes sense. Guess I should get one too?

  2. I have one, too, but I just use it for music. And it is a very handy tool for checking the weather in an instant!

    Thanks for your comment and link today. It was very interesting to see someone who made it out of the Phelps nightmare. He seems like a great guy.

  3. You know, I've decided that this Blogger's Block thing is an annual Spring Thing. Because there are so many (me included) who are faced with it right now. On the upside, I loved your commercial for the Ipod Touch. I had no idea it could do so many other things besides music!!


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