Monday, April 06, 2009

Saturday in the park...

WHAT a busy weekend (yes I know it is AGAIN the end of the week)! I needed to come to work on Monday just to get a break.

Friday night I had PT and then we sort of started poking away at the backyard for the first time this spring. I raked out a flower bed and picked up sticks while Matt bbqd and puttered with the lawn mower to get it going. It was a beautiful evening and had the patio table not needed a good scrubbing we would have sat out there. As it was, we got a good start and enjoyed the fresh air.

Saturday started off with, guess what? Soccer of course. Skyler had a mid-morning game and I had to be attached to a computer to get them signed up for summer camp. It's cut throat getting your kids into the less expensive rec programs. The system crawled so slowly that I only made half of Sky's game. We rushed home for a shower because she had a birthday party to go to. While she was prettifying herself, Matt and I were back in the backyard raking and mowing. Matt found three baby turtles in the flower bed that I had just raked out. They were just emerging from little holes in the dirt. They were so frelling cute and if I had my shit together I'd show you pictures because I took some but I haven't uploaded yet. We got Skyler off to her party and raced over to Zack's game. His teammate is moving to Italy so we had a little send off for him with cupcakes that had soccer balls and Italian flags on them. The kids were bummed but vowed to become pen pals. One of the other Moms asked if she could have a turtle for her classroom and thus convinced me to let my kids keep the other two. I did a bunch of the googling and they seem to be very low maintenance and easy to care for. We'll see how it goes. I can always toss them in the lake where they were headed anyway. Matt and the kids finished off the night with several hours of Rock Band at a friends' house. I can't listen to that stuff all night so I stopped by to pick Sky up when I figured she'd be tired and hung out for awhile.

To be continued with Sunday...

WAIT! I uploaded a few pics:

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