Friday, April 10, 2009

Yard work...

I love this time of year after a chilly winter and before it's sweltering hot. I like poking around with my flower beds and taking pictures of the birds. We found a Robin's nest in a tree/shrub thing that I was about to ask Matt to cut down. Now I'm going to wait until Momma Robin has abandoned it. I got Matt to hoist me onto his shoulders and wobble over to the nest so I could see if there were eggs in it without looking. I'm sure the neighbors really appreciated the clown show that was that attempt and I wasn't able to actually see inside the nest.

I puttered around the yard on Sunday taking pictures. Skyler and I planted vegetable seeds in little starter pots. Matt's going to build me a garden box in the backyard. We'll see if we can get some fresh veggies going. In the end it might just be easier to go to the grocery store but it's fun watching something you plant grow!

Skyler and I also took a bike ride. She has a tandem bike that attaches to mine. I'm more than a little out of shape so Monday morning my butt bones were SORE. Skyler didn't complain and she has a bony little butt so apparently having extra fat pads in the ass area doesn't help that particular problem.



Dark-eyed juncos

robin's nest

Garden Buddha

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