Thursday, May 07, 2009


Matt had a day off last week and he and his BFF/Boyfriend ;-) built me a garden box. I'm SO excited because all my little seedlings are ready for some real garden soil.

Yes I started them all off in Dora the Explorer paper cups. They are very happy there.

This is my new garden box.

It's 4x8. We started off small. Let me tell you why! My busy body have nothing else to do neighbors ALL said that vegetable gardening just encourages the local pests to come and that they had all tried and failed. WELL. I have cats. My cats like to chase pests. I've never once seen a live pest-like animal in the almost five years I've lived here. My neighbors hate that I let my cats out at night. I don't know why, my neighbors all go to bed when the sun goes down, so when they see the cats is beyond me. BUT I am convinced that my protector cats will guard my garden and allow my veggies to flourish. All of you blog readers who are snickering and thinking "it's more likely they'll use it as a litter box" need to get on my positive vegetable gardening thought band wagon Tout de suite!

Skyler and I planted the baby veggies already. I just didn't get a picture. I have to work on a trellis for the beans and peas next.

Here are some other goings ons in my yard.

This stuff took off like crazy this year and really filled in in the front of my house. It's viny and really pretty.

Buddha keeps an eye on things.

This hot mess is the first rose bush I ever planted which is now a rose tree. It is combined with something else I planted there two years ago and just this year it decided to grow. The problem is that I can't remember what I planted. I'm thinking something like a lilac or other bushy-tree-flower. We'll have to wait and see.

For THREE years I tried to grow clematis. Each year the damn things shriveled up and died. I gave up. I hadn't even cleaned out that corner of the yard yet this year and this thing was itching to climb something. I didn't have a piece of trellis for it so I stuck part of a decorative fence behind it and it's taking off like crazy. Note to clematis growers - give up, it does whatever it damn well pleases and there isn't much you can do about it. I plan to thoroughly ignore the clematis. The more attention I pay it, the less it thrives.

There's a whole bunch of nothing about my yard. Aren't you glad you stopped by?


  1. Hey Ms Amanda,
    Clematis likes shady roots (maybe some mulch around the base).....also it does take a few years for it to get going. I had just about given up on mine when it starting growing like crazy.

    I see a plentiful garden in your future!

  2. The purple flowered thing is vinca. It is fantastic - it grows like a weed when it gets sun, but will do pretty well with almost no sun or water (I am constantly transplanting bits that are taking over in my front yard, moving them to my sunless side yard, where they do well despite being ignored.)

  3. Wow your yard looks AMAZING. And I'll totally jump on the positive garden thought train for ya if **you** jump on the yes-whimsy-can-get-rid-of-all-the-weeds-in-her-yard train!


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