Friday, May 08, 2009

The Musical Debut...

Last night Skyler had her Kindergarten musical debut. She was so flippin' adorable and excited and giggly! We had fun dressing her up and doing her hair. She insisted on a little squirt of perfume, a new color on her toe nails, and a bit of mascara on her lashes. Diva much?

I only had to give THIS guy the stink-eye (which has a whole new hilarity factor after reading this post from my new favorite blogger) a couple of times.

She took her bow and then we had to hie-tail it out of there to meet Matt's cousin for dinner. We had such a truly fantastic time sitting and catching up. We hadn't seen Dori since August 2007 when we were all at a wedding together. To say we didn't get much time to chat then is an understatement. Last night we sat on the deck of a great sea food place and watched the lighting light up the water and just chatted. The kids were fairly good for the late hour. We're hoping that Dori and Max and Baby Ella will get to visit again soon as they were only in town for 24 hours.

I snapped just a couple of pictures but didn't really get any good ones. Here's a shot of the carnage. Both Zack and Skyler tried oysters. Zack liked them, Skyler didn't. I've got great little seafood eaters! Baby Ella ate lemons and pickles and loved the heck out of that combination! Clearly her taste buds haven't fully formed LOL.

The night ended way too late and way too soon at the same time. Matt would have loved to sit and chat all night but as we all know, Skyler turns into a pumpkin at 8:30 and it was about an hour past that. She was all melty and whimpering. Divas need their beauty sleep you know!


  1. OK, so regarding our emails this morning, if you were guaranteed another girl that is half as beautiful as Skyler is you would just have to do it again. The dress is so perfect for her personality, no? Whimsy, colorful, lovely.

  2. How fabulous!! I love school events. Great pics to share the event with us

    Happy Mothers Day!!

  3. What a cutie! Wow - and Mr. Danceypants there in front of her in the first pic is REALLY getting into it! Adorable.


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