Friday, May 01, 2009

Really Important Stuff...

I think I've mentioned before that I belong to an private online parenting group of about 100 Moms and 1 Dad who have gotten really close over the past few years. We talk about everything from kids to politics. Over the last week we've been discussing, among other things, socks. Specifically, the laundering and matching of socks.

I know that I hate the laundering and matching of socks, mostly Skyler's socks, but I had no idea how much EVERYONE hates it. There are several different methods employed as well. What do you do?

I have a slightly different method for each family member. I have my reasons, they may not make a lot of sense to you, but they work for me. Matt's socks get tossed in his drawer, the method there is "match your own damn socks". Zack's socks get matched and he puts them away. The loose ones get thrown in his drawer too and eventually when he's down to the sock dregs he'll find a matching pair. I match his because his are easy and he'll just whine for me to find him socks anyway so it's easier. Skyler's socks have two methods. Usually I toss them all in her drawer unmatched and she wears them unmatched. She's actually started a trend at school that annoys other parents. Every once in awhile I'll take her entire sock drawer out and do a major sorting matching binge and set aside loose ones to wait for mates. My own socks get matched, loosies get left on top of my dresser waiting for their long lost love.

I have friends who don't match anyone's socks, they just all play the hunt-for-matching socks game every morning (which I hate). In that case there's also variety, some people have a family sock basket and others have a separate one for each person. Some people match them as they go INTO the wash which seems odd because the sock monster eats them while they're in the dryer anyway. Some people buy each person in the family one type of socks, there isn't really any matching to be done.

What do YOU do?


  1. I hate folding, period, so I get dressed every day straight out of the laundry basket. For all my OCD, there are just certain things I don't give a rip about. I'd rather iron than fold and put away.

  2. I do it the Zack way! Of course it's just me, no kids, so who knows what I'd do if there were other peoples' socks in the mix! But my sock drawer has some matches and some strays...if I can't find a match, I dig through the strays with my fingers crossed.

    All this doesn't really matter anyway, though, because I truly hate wearing socks. I'm a flip flop kinda girl!! It's rare to see me in socks & shoes. Yuck.

  3. OH Stacie I so hear you! I loved living in San Diego because I never ever wore enclosed shoes. I frequently say I'm allergic to them and I never have them on under my desk.

  4. I don't wear socks or "real" shoes - I wear sandals or thongs everyday and so do the kids (unless we go to the park in which case they must wear socks and sneakers). Chris's socks are all white or navy blue wool ones for work. Makes it SUPER easy. A friend of mine safety pins them together before washing and another friend puts them all in a lingerie bag (all socks) so as not to lose any. Too much work, I say!

  5. Uhh! I hate socks just for this reason. I fold matches for all of us. If I can't find the match it sits on top of the dryer until it shows up or I give up & toss it.


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