Monday, May 18, 2009

We couldn't have had more fun in the rain if we tried...

This weekend was the first time Zack's soccer team, the Thundercats, has participated in a tournament. They were finally old enough to join in on the end of year tournament that their rec league sponsors. It's also the first time that they've played keeping score, and played to win.

We had two games on Saturday. The first was won 2-0. They had some decent competition but it wasn't too terribly hard for them. The second game was played against a VERY good team. We were down 5-0 after the first half.It started pouring BUCKETS of rain at half-time. Thankfully, it was warm, fun, we-can-play-in-this rain. Most of the parents had large umbrellas and we were having such a fantastic time hooting and hollering and cheering that no one seemed to mind. It was an intense battle but there was no more scoring in the second-half. We lost the game, but fought hard.

Sunday dawned rainy and a bit cooler. We packed up all our rain gear and planned to battle another team expecting to meet the team from game two in the finals in the afternoon. It didn't help that Skyler woke up with the pukies. She was doing semi-okay so we dragged her out with us, poor kid. To make it to the finals, we only needed to tie. It was a no scoring game until the last quarter. The Thundercats scored with two minutes left to go and won the game. It was raining, cold windy nasty rain. We hooted and hollered and congratulated them and then ran for the cars.

What a team effort. They all played SO hard and were such fantastic sports. I wouldn't be a Mommy if I didn't mention that that last shot, that won the last game, was from Zack. I was pleased because he felt redeemed. He might have been the one to let more than a few of those shots in the second game get by him and into the goal. He was feeling a bit blue about that but perked right up after he got that last goal to send them to the final game.

We ran home to change into dry clothes and eat lunch and then got the call that the fields were swamps now and the final games were being called. Based on current standings, we got second place. The kids were really happy with that and felt that it was fair as the other team really did earn first place.

Next season, as they move up in the league, every game will be like this. The parents aren't sure our hearts can take it. We were jumping and smacking our foreheads and groaning and clutching our hearts and cheering as if we were watching the World Series!

If you've stuck around long enough to see a few pictures, Zack is the kid in the blue shirt, red socks. Round about shot 130 there are some fantastic rain pictures.

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