Thursday, June 25, 2009


Zack is a video game lover through and through. For his birthday, he got My Sims Kingdom.

I had been looking for a game that was adventure based but didn't have violence or guns or any of that other stuff that boys find fascinating. At first he gave it the old "you're lame Mom" eye roll but he came around and he's been begging me to play it with him for months. Video games are really my idea of a slow and painful death. I don't have the patience, dexterity, or desire actually to play. He caught me in the right mood the other night so I sat and played FOR THREE HOURS. THIS is why video games are evil. They are a giant time suck. We did have fun together and I might have continued playing last night after the kids went to bed. This game is exactly my speed as it is geared towards five year olds (slight exaggeration as it requires reading but there's certainly nothing difficult that most children couldn't handle). There is no violence, nothing is timed, you can dress your character in cute outfits, and the graphics are cute. I even get my own magic wand.

Do I get to be called a Gamer now? No?


  1. I have this game and its fun but I've been stuck on this one part for a long time

  2. A new video game is priceless!!! Keeps them so busy for some quiet time for me.


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