Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Marathon blog/update/finding the mojo...

I'm starting to feel normal again. I have slightly more, although still very limited, use of my right arm again. I can type at least. I have GOT to get my blogging mojo back so here goes (it's going to be a long one)...

Last week was my first week back at work since having shoulder surgery. The first four days were hell. I didn't have any pain meds left and my doctor and I played a lovely extended game of phone tag that did nothing for my pain or my mood. When he finally got a hold of me on Thursday morning I was near tears. He convinced me that this was all normal and to hang in there, I would turn a corner soon. He called a little somethin' somethin' to the pharmacy and I was actually able to get a good night's sleep FINALLY. And wouldn't you know it but I woke up in good spirits and actually had a really good day on Friday. I was more than a little surprised. I've come to the theory that pain builds and you just can't progress until you relieve some of it. As soon as I was able to relieve some of the pain that had built up over that first week of returning to work, I felt much much better. I was also in a foul place mentally. Four weeks in a sling without being able to do much of anything was frustrating. Things that usually took me minutes to do at work were a slow and arduous process. I was hating it. Friday the sun shown and rainbows fell out of the sky. I could see the end of the tunnel.

It's fan-freaking-tastic that things began to look up on Friday because I had planned a little trip with the kids that was going to require me to drive for at least three hours after a full week of work. My mother, brother, and niece had decided to visit my aunt in Delaware for the weekend and I thought that since they were so close I should haul us up there for a visit.

We got in the car Friday night and arrived in Dover at 9pm. The kids were bouncing-off-the-walls excited to see their cousins and their Grammy and their Cha Cha (aunt in Polish). My Mom had arranged for adjoining rooms in a local hotel and the kids made full use of jumping on all the beds and acting like fools. I had two in tears when, at 11pm, I separated them and sent them to bed. Think they were tired?

This particular hotel had breakfast set up downstairs so when my little monsters woke up at the crack of dawn we snuck down there so as not to wake everyone else up. Zack's eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw the giant platter of bacon. He's a self-proclaimed meat-a-tarian so he had all intentions of having bacon topped with bacon with a side of bacon. I had to reign him back, and got him to eat some cereal and a croissant as well. We went upstairs and got Grammy up and went back down for round two. HOURS and HOURS later when we were all finally dressed and ready to leave we headed to a local park that was having an Emergency Services Day of Fun for kids. They had all the fire engines, police vehicles and ambulances out for the kids to explore. This would come in handy not too long into our visit to the park.

The kids couldn't WAIT to go on these:

My Mom and brother followed the kids around and watched them go from bounce house to bounce house while I did this:

It didn't take long before my niece came running over to me with Skyler in tow telling me that Skyler had bonked heads with another child. She already had a huge swollen shiner underneath her eye. When I touched it it felt like a hard grape under the skin. I envisioned a cyst of blood that would have to be drained and then I sort of panicked. My children tend not to have normal injuries, they get their fingers cut off, they swallow quarters, they need stitches, they break their arms. Give me any sickness and I am Super Nurse Mom, injuries tend to melt me. My brother took over and headed straight for the ambulance that was on display (see how that turned out to be handy). They checked her out and gave her an ice pack while I calmed down. They should think about stocking shots of whiskey for nervous mothers.

The child that usually has a bucket of tears for every little scrape and scratch barely batted an eye at the giant beach ball that was growing on her face. We tried to get her to stay quiet the rest of the day but she was having none of it.

They crawled through a house filled with smoke and learned how to check doors for heat.

They climbed out a window.

They used a fire hose.

There was even pool time:

and my version of pool time:

To be continued... (this is getting long)

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