Thursday, June 18, 2009

Open Letter to the Owner of Virginia License Plate "JRM 10"...

Dear JRM 10 (Virginia),

Remember last Sunday when you were driving south on Route 113 in Delaware? Remember when you didn't check your blind spot and made a rapid change into the left lane despite the fact that MY car was IN the left lane occupying the space you decided that YOU needed to occupy? Well, THANKS for that.

Thanks for teaching my children what seat belts are really used for.

Thanks for reminding me that I AM a good defensive driver.

Hey if you DID check your blind spot and you didn't see me, perhaps it's because both your front and back windows are completely black. I'm not sure that's legal in our state but it's certainly doing you no favors. Did you feel the mental daggers I shot into the back of your head for the remainder of the time we shared the road? No? Well Karma is a bitch buddy. It'll come around eventually! I hope that the next time you mortally danger another driver that the mother in the car with her CHILDREN is as equally a reactive driver as I am or you'll be sorry you didn't heed this particular warning.

p.s. - if you hadn't knocked the entire contents of the front seat of my car to the floor, I would have taken a picture of you and posted that here too. We'll just have to settle for your license plate.


  1. what a douchebag! hopefully he/she will only kill himself while driving like a dick. good defensive driving skills!

  2. I got rear ended for the second time in the fall!!! I was so mad at myself. I knew he was tailgating too close. I should have pulled off on a side street to get him off my butt.

    I have done a better job of keeping tailgaters away!! Not worth my time to fix the car up. I know it doesn't cost me a dime! But my time and health are priceless to me.


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