Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shoulder update...

It's been five weeks since my shoulder surgery for a labral tear. I'm still fairly useless on the right side but am getting better (not in leaps and bounds, more like quarter inches). I will admit that I am surprised daily that there is still this much limitation and pain. I was TOLD there would be but I guess I just didn't believe it.

Things that are still impossible/difficult/painful to do:
* Wash my hair with two hands.
* Dry my hair with any sort of non stuck-my-head-out-of-a-window look.
* Use a mouse right handed
* Reach for anything further than half-arm's length.
* SLEEP comfortably.
* Roll over (picture a turtle on its back)
* Take off a shirt
* Pull in any direction. My bathing suit springs to mind - that's a comedy show.
* Hold a book while reading in bed

Everything else is just moderately difficult. Nothing is easy. I start physical therapy next week. The pain should really kick in good then. If one more person TELLS me that (which I already know so they are clearly just trying to rub it in) I'm going to kick them in the junk.


  1. What a bummer!!! I love washing and drying my hair. I hope you recover soon.

  2. Hope you feel better soon. I injured my shoulder earlier this year and could not towel dry and comb my own hair. For the record, boys (and by that I mean my husband) do not know how to towel dry hair.

  3. You aren't kidding! The first time he tried to wrap my hair in a towel turban I had to get my six year old to do it. She has a much firmer grasp on all things girly (ie common sense).


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