Thursday, June 25, 2009

Teach your boys to love...

I walked into the gym go pick the kids up today and when I called his name Zack turned and his whole face lit up and he said "Mommy you look so beautiful today, such a pretty Mommy". I gave him a huge smothering hug and told him how happy he makes my heart. Tonight, while we were chatting before bed, I told him that someday he'd make an awesome husband because he already knows how to say sweet things to make his partner feel loved. He learned this from his father who is equally sweet with his words.

Men, don't be afraid to teach your sons to love. They will in turn BE loved as I am so sure that Zachary will be when he grows up.

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  1. How sweet! I always thank my girlfriends in advance for raising their silly little boys to be honorable men!

    Whenever I have boy problems, I thank my Dad for being the shining example of what a man SHOULD be! It's important for little girls to learn that, too!!


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