Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gearing up...

There are big changes coming up for us. This fall is going to be a challenge, especially for Matt.

Thanks to the GI Bill, Matt is starting school this semester. I think it will be a kick, especially for the kids, to have my three children all sitting at the kitchen table doing their homework. I'm eager for them to see Daddy working hard at school. I'm hoping it will be inspiring to them. They can encourage each other, and I'll put all their tests and quizes and papers on the same refrigerator (note to self: make room on refrigerator for tests and quizes and papers). Zack's work will get more challenging in third grade and Skyler is ready to blow the socks off of first grade. She reads so well that I can't fool her anymore. I remember when they were young enough that I could communicate things I didn't want them to know by spelling. *SIGH* No more.

Matt is hoping for some job changes that we'll just have to talk about later. To say he needs a change is the understatement of the century. We should know more soon.

Zack is starting football practice next week. He's excited about a new game, the physical contact, the exercise, and being a tough player. I'm more than a little nervous. I waver about being nervous for his well being and being nervous for the well being of anyone that comes in contact with him. He's growing so fast he's constantly telling us that his legs and feet hurt and that his skin doesn't fit around his bones anymore. He also eats like he's bulking up to go on Survivor.

Skyler is going to play soccer again this season. Despite all the added fall activities, she batted her lashes and got her Daddy to coach for another season. He'll have most of the same kids as last year which makes it easy. They all love Coach Matt.

I will be managing all of the above. I have a lawn chair, and thanks to the library, a never ending supply of books for all those practices my butt will be parked at. What would they do without me?

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