Sunday, July 26, 2009


Me: Skyler, go brush your teeth.

*ignores me. continues talking*

Me: I'm not speaking to you until you go brush your teeth.

Skyler: FINE!

*comes back 10 seconds later*

Me: Get back in there and brush ALL your teeth for a long time.

Skyler: But it's GROooooss. Moooom, my toothbrush tastes gross.

Me: What do you mean it tastes gross? What does it taste like?

Skyler: Ummm, spiders.

How do you respond to that?


  1. God she is good with those come backs.

  2. Again, I have no children, but offering the toilet brush as an alternative to her toothbrush came to mind first. :)

  3. My sister tells her little ones that there are bugs on their teeth. And that brushing gets them off.

    It sort of backfired when my nephew started having nightmares about bugs... on his teeth.

    Ask her how spiders taste, exactly. I'm curious. Or how about: Okay, fine, you can use MY toothbrush instead.


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