Monday, August 03, 2009

Are You Ready For Some Football...

No. No I am not.

We had the first practice and meeting of Zack's football team this past Saturday. He will be playing for the Chargers which is on the list of Molnar Family Acceptable Football Team Names, so that is good. The parent meeting lasted about ten minutes and then the ass kicking/conditioning began. They did jumping jacks, they did leg lifts, they did push ups, they did sprints and laps and up-downs. If this had been soccer Zack would have been off the field whining at me LONG before practice was over. But this is big boy football so they keep the parents FAR away and there's no whining option. Later Zack told me that his teammates told him that if you upset the coach, practice goes longer. THAT apparently scared the pants off of him, despite the fact that he said that at one point during up-downs he thought he was going to puke. I'm thinking about bringing coach home with me to whip the rest of the family into shape.

He made it through practice and was FILTHY when we got home. He took a shower and collapsed. Then he informed me that he had given it a try and that he wasn't going to play football. HA. I informed him "Oh YES you are!" and dropped it.

Later that day he talked football with a family friend and there was no mention of quitting. Matt told him that the first week was awful and really really hard but then it got fun and that he had to work through it and that we were really proud of him. That psyched him up. I think we might have to have that little pep talk every day for the next week though.

Wednesday they get helmets. I'm told that's especially awful on the neck and shoulders. I.can't.wait.

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