Tuesday, August 04, 2009


It's going to take some practice,some conditioning, getting this family whipped into the shape of a fall schedule. The first day is done and I feel beaten and completely unprepared for the rest of the week. School and soccer haven't even started yet. How will I do this?

I have physical therapy three days per week at 4pm. Zack has football five days per week at 6pm. This now gives me an hour to pick the kids up, race them home, get everyone changed and fed a dinnerish snack, and back out to the football field. Sounds doable. I'm no longer sure.

Yesterday my physical therapist kicked my ass. It all felt fine while I was there but in retrospect was just too much. I raced out and picked the kids up, hurrying them along, begging them not to argue. We ran in the door, dumping the belongings that get us through the day onto the kitchen table. Zack changed into his football uniform and cleats and I prepared a sandwich and a large jug of water. We raced out the door, Skyler protesting having to go along every step of the way.

The sun was blazing hot and there were no clouds in sight. When Matt got to the field I took Skyler home knowing she needed some downtime and dinner. No sooner did I get home when Matt texted urging me to return to the field to support Zack as conditioning was very tough and he needed the support of his Mom. He always needs to know I'm there. Just having his eyeballs on me makes him feel better. So I dragged the disgruntled six year old back to the football field and endured another hour of practice. My Mommy energy got him through and he admitted that it sucked and it was HARD but he was doing it. We are so so proud as I will readily admit that I could not have done the solid hour of conditioning exercises.

Shower. Dinner. 8:30 dinner. Clean-up and bedtime. I am exhausted. I don't sleep well and my shoulder is KILLING me.

This morning I'm wondering how will this all fit in with school and homework for the three of them. How can I feed my family dinner at 8:30 every night? Will I be able to handle this?

The kicker? Last night, in the car, Zack asked my why I don't do anything like a sport or an activity. If he only knew...


  1. Clearly, you DO a sport. It's called MOTHERHOOD.

    Reading this made me tired.

  2. God BLESS ya! Suggest w/regards to dinner...breakfast for dinner is a good alternative and it's quick. Just a thought. I do that for us during the week when I just don't want to think any more. LOL

  3. Now you can see why McD's is such a huge hit with moms! How easy to just run through, right? I don't envy you but I sure admire you. I'll be doing it all in a few years with three. Lord help us all.


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