Wednesday, August 12, 2009

If It Comes In Book Form I Will Read It...

Are you a book nut? I am SUCH a book nut.

**I interrupt this post to research the feeling that I've discussed this subject before... I guess that was just one of the blog posts I compose in my head. Carry on.**

I'm currently reading two or three books a week. I am blowing through my library stack and eagerly going back for more. The librarians know me and get a kick out of me trying to balance the enormous pile of books I'm usually trying to check out.

I have a whole method that I use to get the latest books too. Once every couple of weeks or so I go to amazon and pull up their 100 best selling books and then plug those into my library's web page and reserve them.

Are you using your library's online system? Most libraries have them now. It saves a ton of time and is super fantastically convenient. They even email you when a book comes in. I get several emails per week and pick up whenever it's convenient. The kids even ask me to reserve them new cds that come out.

Here's a few that I've read in the past two months:

The Woman in White
Finger Lickin Fifteen
Me & Emma
The Art of Racing in the Rain
The Doctor's Wife
Losing My Religion
Handle With Care
Keeping Faith
The Offer
First Family
The Age of Reason

The other thing I've gotten hooked on is It's a website that lets you track the books you've read and link up with friends, see what they've read, and make suggestions to each other.

My Physical Therapists have even been teasing me because I bring a book everyday. I have influenced all the other afternoon patients too. They call us the "Afternoon Physical Therapy Book Club". Apparently none of the morning patients bring books. What's wrong with THEM I wonder?


  1. I hear ya, sistah. I carry a book with me AT ALL TIMES because you never know when you'll get stuck sitting in Jiffy Lube or traffic for an hour.

    I use the "virtual library" on Faceook to track what I'm reading and have read.

  2. Love, love, love the library and it's online requests. I never have to wander an aisle if I don't want to. *Of course, I WANT to, but with Nate in tow it can be difficult. I normally reserve my book club books, wander the kid's section with Nate, and check-out. We have a whole family night trip to the library 1-2 times a month. Nate loves books too and I am so happy about that!

  3. I think the morning people are too tired to read at physical therapy? anyway... i have been using Friends School (Va Beach) library, its small but a great collection. The people there get to know you so they can say "Good Morning,I know just what you are looking for!" Personalized service at a library is so enjoyable. I will use the online service for the larger libaries though, faster and its a better reminder system.(I always return books late)

  4. Ha ha! I do that "did I write this already or just THINK of writing it?" thing ALL THE TIME.


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