Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Losing My Connection...

[stomp whine mumble complain stomp pout]

As I was getting out of the car at football practice last night (where else?), I picked up my cell phone to stick it in my pocket. It jumped out of my hand, hit the pavement, slid into the storm drain, and landed with a distant splash. I just stood there staring. I actually got down on my knees and stuck my head down under the curb, ass in the air, to see what I could see. It was so deep that I could see nothing. There was just nothing to be done. The splash at the end confirmed it.

GAHHHHHHHH! We were planning on changing providers next month anyway, but I hadn't planned on doing it THIS WEEK. I hadn't bothered to transfer all my stored numbers and pictures to somewhere where I could retrieve them. This phone number is our "home phone".

I will now spend the next day or so researching plans and models and bitching about not having a phone. If you need to get in touch, call Matt (HA we all know he never answers his phone). At some point, I will have to contact every person I know and re-obtain their phone numbers. I don't even know my mother's cell phone number off the top of my head. I only know her home number because it hasn't changed since 1982.

What a pain in the ass!


  1. This is a new one! I have had folks tell me of their phone being automatically flushed away.

  2. EEK! Storm drains always creep me out! This is why!

    But hey, new phone!! :)

  3. Oh, but what a nice ass it is!!!!!

  4. That sucks! But now that creepy clown from Stephen King's IT has a new phone.

  5. That would be really annoying! I hope you find a replacement soon.

  6. I don't have anyone's phone numbers memorized either!


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