Friday, August 21, 2009

Sentimental Musings...

One of my coworkers just stopped by my desk and admired a picture of Skyler and me, actually it's the one ^ up there in the header. We were talking about our kids like most parents do. Then he shared that yesterday he had the WORST day. The worst day of the year so far. As he was driving home from work, his phone rang and it was his son. He said "What's up son?" and his son replied "Nothing Dad. I just called to say I love you." His whole day changed. His heart felt lighter and his perspective on the day changed. He said he couldn't put into words, to his son, what that simple phone call meant. His son is twenty-five now and I'm sure the I love yous are fewer than they once were, but somehow they are more powerful.

This story brought tears to my eyes thinking about my Dad. I've saved the last few emails we exchanged. Techy stuff about coffee makers and GPS units but written by him all the same. I can't read them, but they're there.

If you haven't talked to your family yet this week. Give them a call and just say "I love you". I can't imagine anyone being disappointed at hearing it but I do know you can have regrets at not saying it more often.

Have a fantabulous weekend!


  1. I've talked to my parents and sister this week and it always means so much to me. Before I was all teary eyed reading this, I was going to comment that sentimental is spelled wrong. But I won't.

  2. GAH! Of course it looks wrong NOW. WHY doesn't spell check work in the titles?

  3. I would never have called you out on the misspelling but since Amy said it... you know us grammarians. We just can't let anything go. LOVED your post, though.

  4. Thanks for the post comment! I enjoyed looking at your blog!

  5. First of all... I don't see it. Isn't that the way you spell sentimental? I'm confused. But I cheated in 7th grade spelling so don't ask me.
    Second, what a great post. I love it when my kids tell me they love me. Of course they're teens so they don;t do it often
    Third, stop by my blog, I have something for you :)

  6. Hehe. I changed the post after my two Grammararians stopped by. Amy and Ashley know that I'd point it out to them or anyone else so it is with much love!

    Heading to your blog...

  7. Every single phone call & email with my mom, dad or sister ends in I LOVE YOUs! It's never just a closing remark, it's said with feeling and so important to us all.

    I loved what you wrote! :)


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