Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Another Award Winning Crappy Mood...

I told myself, "SELF, go over to your blog and stare at it until something readable jumps from your fingers". SO I moseyed over kicking the carpet as I went. I futzed around with the sidebar over there --------> I added the lovely blog award from RX Bambi (she's great read her blog) and I added a book to my nightstand. I'm still reading The Outliers (which is incredibly interesting) and haven't yet started The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo yet. I added See Jill Win because I've been meaning to read it and the library had it. Sylvia Rimm is a fantastic author who has a lot to say about seeing kids succeed in school. I heard her speak last year and was ready to worship at the Church of Sylvia Rimm if there were one.

So what's going on here lately. Well the big kid is really enjoying being a college student. He's got his first test on Wednesday. I hope his teacher gives it back to him so I can put it on the refrigerator. When he leaves for class in the evening the kids are so cute telling him to have a good night at school and to pay attention to the teacher. They enjoyed having Daddy sit at the kitchen table doing homework last night.

The medium kid is LOVING football. WHAT? Did I just type that? Last night it was raining and cool. I was pissy that I had to be the parent that went and sat either in the car or under an umbrella for two hours for a wet yucky practice. I figured he'd be dragging ass to boot and that would make for a lovely evening of competing nasty moods and everyone knows I like to win that battle. We got there early and he couldn't wait to get out of the car and toss around the ball. It rained through the entire practice. The older kids' coach made them do up-downs IN THE MUD on the baseball diamond. It looked like they were wearing brown uniforms. That's just torture for the parents. MY child, the one who cried through the first two weeks of practice, had to be dragged off the field at the end of the night. I threatened to leave him there. He's got the bug.

The youngest kid is anxious for school to start and planning her fall wardrobe. The combinations give me migraines. I won't have to look at her all day though. Oh she's also come up with some new phrases that have me cracking up. Yesterday I heard "That's brilliant!" and "She thinks she's all that". Where does she get this stuff? I blame Hannah Montana.

ME? I'm my grumpy old self. I'm weaning off of a medication so I can start another and it has me tired and draggy and pissy and cranky and... you get the idea. It's best if I just crawl back into my cave and come out when my mood improves.



  1. Oh I have so been there with the raining practices... luckily I don't have to sit thru them any more. Still have to sit in the rain thru games tho but luckily I'm not expected to be there other times!
    I hope Dad does well on his test!

  2. Thanks for the blog rec, I've been looking for more to add to my list. Sorry your day is craptastic. <3


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