Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Hour Friday...

My Bloggy Friend, RxBambi has started doing Happy Hour Friday, listing what is making her happy right now, and I thought this week I'd join her.
  • I'm happy that today is my Mom's birthday. Happy Birthday Mom.

  • I'm happy that Zachary has his first football game tomorrow at 10:30.

  • I'm happy that Skyler has her first soccer game tomorrow at 9:30. She is so so excited. I'm terribly disappointed that I can't go. We knew that we'd eventually have to split up for kid games, and Matt is her coach so he kind of needs to be there. We're hoping they can make a MAD dash and make most of Zack's game.

  • I'm happy that I'll get to take some pictures of the game (Zack's). I love having something to take a picture of.

  • Speaking of pictures I'm jealously happy excited for my Ransom to be getting her pictures taken by BLue Lily, an awesomely awesome photographer, in DC next month.

  • I'm happy that all the girls in my family (on Mom's side) are descending upon the area in November for a delicious girls' weekend in DC. Skyler will DIE of jealousy because she can't come so I'll have to do the right parental thing and LIE LIE LIE.

  • I'm happy that I got Tom Brady in my Fantasy Football League. YOU'RE doing Fantasy Football you say? YES, I say. Mostly it's to drive my husband nuts with my lack of anything resembling competitiveness or interest. HA HA! When I win with little to no effort his brain will EXPLODE!

  • I'm happy that RxBambi is bringing back Pharmacy Friday. I'm fascinated by what pharmacists go through with patients and doctors and insurance co's. Speaking of which I've found some great blogs written by other professionals that fascinate me with their stories, doctors, teachers, pharmacists. Good Stuff.

  • I'm happy that my SIL, Lashelle, is expecting a new little bundle of snuggles. Skyler and I have decided that we need more girls in the family and have thus started making something pink. We're cheering for team pink!

  • I'm happy that Skyler has two cousins she can give the clothes she's grown out of to. It's funny because one of the cousins is a squich bit older than Sky but my leggy girl wears bigger sizes. It also makes me happy because I used to get bags of clothes from their Mom when I was a kid. I love tradition.

That's it I think. I like this starting of the day with listing what you're happy with. It brings sunshine and rainbows to your mood!!


  1. sounds like you have a lot to be happy about! the splitting up for games will go on forever, even if they are playing in college. I know. I'm with ya.
    Thanks for playing along with Happy Hour Friday!

  2. Fantasy Football, yeeeeeeessssss!

  3. I had never pondered playing fantasy football by picking all the hot men. This is my kinda fantasy football game!! Nice.


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