Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hello Fall...

Hello Fall! Some people might be excited about the change of the seasons because of cooler weather, changing leaves on the trees, football, the upcoming holidays, but not me. I love fall for one and only reason - the return of my shows. I mentioned my television addiction last year at this very same time. Back then I had my line-up all listed out. This year I don't know when each show is on, I just let my Tivo talk to cable and they work it all out.

There aren't too many new shows that have caught my eye. I checked out Jenna Elfman's new show Accidentally On Purpose, it's got some possibilities, she's fantastic, but I'm not sure that the premise of the story has lasting power. I've also got my eye on Julianna Marguelis' new show The Good Wife, mostly because I like her and I haven't seen her in anything good since she left ER. Drop Dead Diva started this summer and is surprisingly delightful. Merlin also started this summer and it's been a show that the kids and I are enjoying together. I think I heard a rumor somewhere that it wasn't doing that well because it was launched in the summer but got good reviews so it might stick around.

It's not the new shows that excite me this year, it's my old favorites. The season premier of House was blow your socks off good and Hugh Laurie is looking delicious. Big Bang Theory was hysterical despite the fact that I could not get past the ickiness of the North Pole induced beards the guys grew. 90210 and Gossip Girl bring me back to the old days of watching 90210 and Melrose Place (not liking the new one) in my dorm with a big group of girls.

If you're looking for me this fall anytime after 9pm I'm probably snuggled up in my blankies watching television. No, I'm not going to answer my phone (but you already knew that didn't you).


  1. Do you watch The Mentalist? I was so excited for the new episode last night! Also The Office and How I Met Your Mother. I like The Big Bang Theory too, but I was a little grossed out by the beards too. =)

  2. Oh yes. I've got The Mentalist recorded but haven't watched yet and The Office I've watched but am saving to watch again with Matt.

    I wish I had started watching HIMYM from the beginning but now am so clueless that I don't watch it. I've heard that it's hysterical and I love Neil Patrick Harris.

  3. I love House!!! The premier was awesome! My fiancé has a man crush on him. He gets so excited to watch house. He just loves his sarcasm and cynisim as do I. Plus it always amazes me how good his American accent is. We also love The Office. We' be checked out Community after the office but after last nights episode I'm not sure it will last.

  4. I checked out Modern Family. It was pretty funny. Of course, TBBT is my favorite...I need to know what I'm in for with The Boy when he gets older... :P


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