Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Search Term "Vomit"...

I was just checking out the last week or so of blog stats from Stat Counter and got a chuckle. When you use a stat counter you can see how people end up on your blog. For months, I've been getting at least one hit every single day for the terms "Venn Diagram" for THIS post and "Easy Button" for THIS post. Another popular search term is Boondocks, which gets you THIS post. But on the 27th of August, someone googled "my sister vomited on my homework" and arrived on my blog to read THIS post. The thing that cracks me up the most is that in that post I tell myself to believe Skyler when she says her belly hurts and just about a week ago I did the same friggin thing as I did back then. Apparently I need to read my own blog more often.

Keyword search reports never hesitate to crack me up. What are you looking for people? For what reason would you type "my sister vomited on my homework" into google? I'll never know, but I certainly wish they would leave it in the comments when they pop by.


  1. Hilarious!

    So many people have found my blog because of my post about The Boy going commando (against his will).

    They have searched on things like "going commando at work" or "my girlfriend wants me to go commando".

    So funny...

  2. which counter do you use? I have one, but it doesn't tell me what search terms were used to get there.

    funny post!

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