Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Still Dim...

The light bulb still hasn't brightened, poor kid ;-). Last night he had the idea to put his tooth back into his tooth pillow thinking the tooth fairy might be tricked into another visit. I let him talk this one out and try it thinking it might occur to him that there isn't a tooth fairy but... No luck. His poor little brain must be tired.

The kids had GREAT days at school. Mr. Grumpy actually used the word exciting. Short of a trip to laser-quest I can't think of much that he gets excited about. He loved his teacher, got to go to the library and is already planning how many AR points he's going to get. His gifted resources specialist was in class today. He said that they didn't have to learn anything, they just played a game. I responded that sometimes you learn something while you're playing. He thoughtfully chewed on that one for awhile.

Skyler also loved her teacher. She feels like such a big kid getting to have the same teacher that Zack did. The only problem I foresee with this, that I hadn't anticipated, was Zack saying "Oh we did that" to everything she tells us. She was absolutely thrilled to be the line leader (most coveted helper position) right off the bat, as well as getting to go to Art and PE for the first time.

At one point at dinner, all three of my kiddos were talking, wanting my attention, at the same time. The fourth voice in my head was saying "Can't they hear each other? Do they think that if they talk louder or faster I hear more of what they are saying and less of what the other is saying?" I finally had to give Zack a big turn before football practice and promise Matt and Skyler that they'd each get a big chunk of Mommy time while Zack was practicing. Apparently I'm the super-coolest listener ever!!!

Here are a couple of snapshots from my phone. The coveted bus stop pics were a bust since it was pouring BUCKETS, like Niagra falls, out of the sky. Zack wouldn't stand next to his sister, little brat.

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